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Empowering consumers:

a paradigm shift

It’s simple, relationships with consumers are not established instantly, rather they start gently, anonymously, and are deepened through value-driven offers that spark engagement.

We look at things through consumer's eyes, after all, what adds value to consumers, adds value to brands. As consumers, we don't want to trade our privacy for access, or feel overwhelmed by persistent exposure to items we chose not to purchase in the moment. We simply want to act on offers we like on our own terms, at a time and place we choose.

The origin of Passcloud stems from this very idea, providing a direct-to-consumer platform aimed at fostering relevant relationships with unidentified customers. And it’s all about growth.

Our values

The kind of relationships we believe in



Relationships thrive when there is balance and empathy. True relationships are not transactions of privacy or paths tracked. Authentic relationships are built on providing lasting value to everyone involved, from first impression.



In a world where valuing consumers is essential, our attention must be focused on the offer. Whether it is a permanent, promotional or exclusive offer, it should be crafted to resonate with consumers' preferences, evoking immediate interest – it's the starting point that leads to relevant and appealing experiences, bringing consumers closer to what they truly desire.



We believe that every contact is a chance to ignite consumers’ interest. Moreover, we believe consumers should have the freedom to make a purchase whenever and wherever they want. Relationships should transcend boundaries, embracing all channels and markets, meeting consumers where they are.



While brands strive to establish unique relationships, customers aspire to view the brand as one unified entity, from first contact through each purchase, whether it occurs online or in-store, across flagships or in franchises, regardless of markets. This comes together in ‘one brand, one customer, one relationship’, elevating relevance and propelling outcomes for everyone.



For us, embracing privacy isn't just a timely marketing message. We've created a way to embrace privacy and still connect sales to specific relationships. It is truly all about growth!

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