Passes for everyone

Propel growth with data that matters

Passcloud’s approach centers on unique relationships defined by direct access to potential and existing customers, removing the need for personal data collection.

Growth catalyzed by unidentified relationships

Passcloud empowers teams to harness analytics and dashboards, allowing you to measure the immediate and longer-term contribution of every lever and relationship to your business, all with sales as the sole marker.

Organic & Media Channels

We're not like Meta. We use business markers, all the way.

The platform enables you to invest in organic and media channels based on their contribution to the number passes added or the sales generated through these passes.

Passcloud’s proposition becomes even more compelling as you and your media partners can evaluate each channel and audience at the first pass use and through every new purchase.

Keep track of sales

Accuracy that transcends channels and markets

No stats, no control group – our solution allows you to evaluate each pass's contribution to your business. Moreover, this contribution can be assessed from the first pass use and consistently through every new purchase.

Passes for everyone

BI expanding to unidentified relationships

Our approach transcends sales channels and markets. Elevating business intelligence, we integrate game-changing behavioral data from all passholders. These insights drive real-time decisions beyond CRM-identified customers.

Passcloud BI empowers sustaining growth across all aspects of your business-owned sites and stores, franchises, and emerging markets. Consistency is at the core.

Scale personalization strategies with Persona X

Thrill customers with evermore relevant offers. Passcloud empowers your brand to connect with audiences based on attributes that define them, such as offers they engage with, favored channels, stores visited or pass use frequency.

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