Experience privacy.
Win customers.
Develop infinite relationships.

Harness the power of mobile wallets to empower consumers to save any offer or product they like for later purchase, transforming initial interest into repeat business.

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70% of these sales are with new unidentified pass holders


Pass contribution

to sales in-store


Pass contribution

to sales online

No name, no mobile, no email

Use any touch point to instantly establish new relationships

Use any touch point to instantly establish new relationships

No hassle

Foster relevant relationships with unidentified customers

No name, no email, no mobile number, just always-on access to your customers’ digital wallet.

Future customers can save offers without giving away any personal data, forever changing customer acquisition, allowing you to grow your business beyond the customers you already know.

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98% of consumers don't act immediately on an offer they like

There are many reasons for not following through with a purchase, that is why we created Passcloud, to make offers accessible to consumers on their terms.

Made for growth

Begin new relationships at first contact.

Passcloud provides seamless access to those genuinely interested, enabling them to act on your offer anytime, anywhere.

Whether it's a promotional or a permanent offer, an invitation to a store opening or a pop-up, access to a special collection; one touch adds a pass with the offer they like.

However your business operates

Example of a pass

The magic lies in simplicity

Open up endless possibilities

Passcloud fuses ever-evolving behaviors with the untapped potential of Apple and Google wallets, shaping experiences that seamlessly align with consumers’ desires. And that’s game changing.

Zero personal data. Maximum experience.

Consumers no need to trade off privacy or install an app to access offers they like. Relationships are unidentified in the first place, more balanced and truly empathetic.

Use any touchpoint to instantly establish new relationships

The experience is seamless and consistent across all organic and media touchpoints. Passcloud allows you to instantly establish direct and unique relationships with consumers, often before the first purchase.

Win customers with built-in relevance

By blending contexts, behaviors, interests and goals, Passcloud brings immediate relevance in relationships. Passes are always active, notifying users at the most appropriate time and place to never miss out on an offer, whether in proximity of an open store or as an offer expires shortly.

Easy to use passes, online and in-store.

Your pass. Your way. Pass holders can breeze through checkout, whether they’re shopping online or in-store.

Bring unidentified customers back with ever more relevant offers

We empower your brand with always-on access to customers' digital wallet, enabling seamless delivery of fresh, relevant offers. This fosters unique and lasting relationships, all without the need for invasive personal data inquiries.

Passcloud allows you to expand personalization strategies to include future customers, sparking new journeys online and in-store.

Designed for a digital world

Embrace privacy to trigger growth, that lasts.

Create offers faster, without compromising on privacy.

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